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Wishes For Jacob

This is something I wanted to do for Jacob at my shower, but I forgot about it.  If you are a family member or friend, please comment below with your wishes for him. I would appreciate it very much. I plan to turn it into a scrapbook with some other things and give it to him on his 18th birthday.

Dear Jacob,

I hope you learn ________________________________.

I hope you aren’t afraid ________________________________.

I hope you love ________________________________.

I hope you get ________________________________.

I hope you laugh ________________________________.

I hope you never forget ________________________________.

I hope you ignore ________________________________.

I hope you become ________________________________.

I hope you respect ________________________________.

I hope you grow ________________________________.

Love, ______________________________


2 Responses to Wishes For Jacob

  • Dear Jacob,

    I hope you learn that doing your homework IS important.

    I hope you aren’t afraid to fail. Failing is necessary in order to be successful.

    I hope you love fully and with your all your heart.

    I hope you get lots of scholarship money to go to college.

    I hope you laugh at yourself when you make dumb mistakes.

    I hope you never forget that I love you.

    I hope you ignore people who like to gossip about you.

    I hope you become very successful in everything you do.

    I hope you respect all the women in your life. Grandmother, mother, sisters and wife.

    I hope you grow up to love life.

    Love, Amy (the best Aunt in the world!)

  • Dear Jacob,

    I hope you learn that love is all that counts.

    I hope you aren’t afraid of change.

    I hope you love life.

    I hope you get all that you need.

    I hope you laugh every day of your life.

    I hope you never forget that your parents love you unconditionally.

    I hope you ignore the unkindness in the world.

    I hope you become exactly what you want to be.

    I hope you respect your parents forever.

    I hope you grow big and strong!

    Love, Joyce

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